• LCU will present a concert of two halves; the first portraying the Romantic Era, commencing with

    Verdi’s ‘Stabat Mater’

    Often described as a mixture of the purity and simplicity of the 16th century verse of Palestrina, with the drama and pathos of Il Trovatore;

    Mascagni’s ‘Intermezzo’ [Cavalleria Rusticana]
    A delicate, nostalgic, yearning and beautifully structured piece.

    Puccini’s ‘Humming Chorus’ [from Madame Butterfly],exquisite and beautiful & one of the most compelling moments in the opera where optimism is shattered by reality  


  • Calendar of Events 2022/2023 

  • 10th January, 2023 – New Members Auditions!!!

  • 11th January, 2023 8pm- Rehearsals Spring Concert begins

  • 3rd-5th March, 2023Residential Weekend – Rose Hotel, Tralee

  • 16th April, 2023 – Spring Concert – UCH, Limerick