If you would like to join the Limerick Choral Union, please tell us something about yourself using the form below, or Contact us on (089) 2267899. Previous choral experience is helpful but not essential. You must be able to sing in tune.

Limerick Choral Union is offering a number of bursaries to assist in becoming a member of Limerick Choral Union Choir. The bursaries will cover membership, scores and workshops up to a maximum value of €300. The purpose of these bursaries is to support professional development. For more information click here…

    Voice Type: SopranoAltoTenorBass


    For the 2023/2024 season, LCU fees are €50 for registration and €170 for membership. €220 in total for September 2023 through end of May 2024. For students and unwaged persons, please contact 089-2267899 to discuss alternative arrangements.